Why Should You Trust 3D Laser Scanning company for Your As-Built 2D Drawings?

Why Should You Trust 3D Laser Scanning company for Your As-Built 2D Drawings?

A construction project is essentially like putting difficult pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together: it’s complicated, time consuming and very risky. A building, after all, should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and of course, safe.

In fact, even if you’re already done with construction, you still need to work on as built 2D AutoCAD drawings that should reflect any changes or modifications that were done to the structure during the construction process.

And if you’re going to be smart about making these drawings, booking Leeds measured survey should be a no-brainer.
Let’s take a closer look:

What are as-built 2D plans?

As a contractor, you already know that creating and submitting as built 2D AutoCAD drawings is essential to any construction project because they will contain all the changes that were made from the initial drawings that were drafted before and during the construction project.

While creating as built 2D plans are not always required by law, most clients would want to be provided with these drawings so they know exactly what’s been done to their structure. They can also use this data for inspections and future renovations.

What is 3D laser scanning?

A lot of professionals talk about hiring a measured building survey service for construction projects mostly because of 3D laser scanning technology. In fact, a 3D laser scan is now deemed necessary in construction, survey and engineering because it offers an advanced and sophisticated system that you won’t find in other tools.

Leeds 3D laser scanning services include the non-invasive and non-contact evaluation of physical objects such as buildings to produce a detailed representation of a building including its tiniest elements.

The resulting data is presented through a 3D point cloud and used in as built drawings that offer accurate information for building owners, engineers, surveyors and other professionals involved in building, evaluating and renovating a building.

Why should you trust 3D laser scanning for as built 2D drawings?

A lot has been said about measured building survey and the way it helps create accurate as built 2D plans and 3D BIM models. With the help of a 3D laser scanning Leeds company, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • It speeds up measurements. Speed is definitely one of the biggest benefits of hiring a measured building survey company. What can take days and a lot of manpower will only take minutes to complete, thanks to a 3D laser scanner’s ability to use millions of data points. These measure every single inch of a structure including intricate details like angles, beams, columns and even electrical switches.
  • It allows for accurate documentation. A point cloud survey captures comprehensive data that allows for more accurate 2D drawings that surveyors and contractors can visit any time they want without going to the actual site or doing a re-survey. Accuracy also reduces the risk for errors that could be detrimental to the building and its occupants. You can review some examples within our case studies.
  • It cuts down operational costs. Instead of spending a lot of time and money manual or analogue surveys, you can hire 3D laser scanning service instead because it cuts down operational costs significantly while ensuring that team members will not risk going to hazardous and hard-to-reach areas just to get the right measurements.

Accuracy, efficiency and cost reduction—these are just some of the many reasons you should trust 3D laser scanning Leeds practices in creating as built 2D drawings for post-construction project requirements.

Whether you’re a building owner or contractor, it really helps to have accurate as-built drawings to ensure that everything’s done right within your structure to make it safe and functional.

Moreover, if you’re still looking for the right Leeds measured survey company to work with, you can always get in touch with our team to know more about our measured building survey and 3D laser scanning solutions.


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