What is Measured Building Survey and How it Can Benefit your Project?

What is Measured Building Survey and How it Can Benefit your Project?

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building; showing all the architectural features and skeletal segments of the building like the walls, beams, and columns.

A measured building survey company like Leeds Measured Survey involves measuring sites or buildings to produce highly accurate data then represented at a reduced scale. This unique measurement process that constructs images allow reading and then presenting data in CAD can be used by architects and construction specialists to understand the present and existing condition of a structure.

Measured building surveys done by Leeds Measured Survey are delivered from 3D point cloud to as-built 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models done by highly experienced surveyors and technicians.

When you are looking to remodel or extend a property, a measured building survey is an ultimate solution for detailed information. With precise records of floor plans, internal and external elevations, cross sections, and even information on surrounding fixtures or areas, construction professionals will have a clearer and better understanding of the building.

Benefits of Measured Building Survey

A highly detailed and accurate measured building survey can aid in making building projects and redevelopment easier and more efficient. These main benefits will not only save you time and money, but also material wastage.

Using the latest scanning and survey technology, measured survey in construction will give these benefits to your projects:

Accurate Reference

Having an accurate representation of a building makes it easier for designers, architects, engineers, or construction specialists to plan for any works such as redesigning, expanding, renovating, and doing health and safety evaluations.
Understanding all aspects of the building is crucial to recognise the potential as well as the limitations of the existing structure. A replica of each piece of the design will avoid delays and costly changes in the project.

Older buildings and heritage sites can be preserved through measured building surveys. Historical buildings require a high level of information as part of the pre-planning process and meeting these demands can be delivered by measured building surveys rendered in 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models.
Apart from accurate information on floor levels, window openings, doors, other details, a measured building survey will also show and record structural detailing like the materials used.

Drawings are also archived which can be beneficially and repeatedly used by construction professionals in the future. Rendered drawings will not only save time and money but also leaving a legacy of information for the next generation.
Interior Design Layout

Regardless of the construction project you are working on, measured surveys can help in the early phase of construction for designers to work on a design scheme fit for that particular project.

Detailed measurement of the walls like thickness and length and structural detailing materials and fixings are critical to helping designers come up with a design that fits the existing structure.
Saves Money

The accurate and detailed on site information aids in reducing human error that may cause rejection that will delay project completion at the same time wasting money on materials purchased.

What other sectors can benefit from measured surveys?

Commercial, custodial, education, geo environment & remediation, health & extra care homes, industrial warehousing, leisure & sport, Listed Buildings & refurbishment, Modular Inc. MMC, residential, retail transportation.

Measured surveying is now becoming a new norm. Due to its highly numerous possibilities, it can also be used in such aspects where detailing is crucial.

Now that the industry of architecture often focuses on renovating original detailing and components, measured building scanning can help you create an accurate representation of authentic features. This technique can support you reconstruct missing elements and help you gain a better understanding by having them translated by using 3D software.


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