Why work with a Measured Building Survey Company?

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is an in-depth and accurate survey that showcases all the internal and external aspects of a building or site, detailing all the individual plans of a building. Leeds Measured Survey provides services that essentially depict clear and accurate image of a building of interest. Our 3D laser scanning technology produces depictions that precisely illustrate all the structural elements as well as architectural features of a building.

Receive a full representation of your building in a digital format, clearly displaying all the structural elements and architectural features. We guarantee accuracy through the latest laser scanning technology, with unmatched precision of up to 1 million points per second. It is crucial to begin your design process with our efficient and reliable measured building surveys and avoid hurdles and delays down the line.

What is the Measured Building Surveying Process?

Before designing any architectural project, or planning a building site, it is important to precisely and accurately gather all data relating to the site of interest. A measured building survey using 3D laser scanning technology is crucial in gathering all the structural elements and spatial data relating to the building or site in an efficient manner, abrogating any errors that could otherwise be encountered down the construction line.

Using the latest 3D laser scanning technology, we produce photorealistic 3D images real world objects: the rotating mirror of the 3D laser scanner captures the object’s dimensions using a radiated laser beam, and together with the rotation angel data, an accurate three-dimensional impression of the object is created. the collected 3D point cloud data is efficiently used to produce deliverables using CAD software, as either scaled as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM models according a client’s requirements and specifications.

What will a Measured Building Survey Produce?

Our professional surveys will produce efficient 3D point cloud data, with colour options as either greyscale or RGB colour options. We also produce the point cloud data is with either arbitrary or OS coordinate system. The point cloud data will be used to efficiently create scaled as-built 2D drawings (i.e., floor plans, roof plans, cross section, sectional elevation, internal elevation, reflected ceiling plan, external elevation, site plan, and more) and 3D BIM models for your architectural, engineering and construction works as requested.

What are the Benefits of a Professional Measured Building Survey?

  • Leeds’s 3D laser scanning technology used for measured surveys produces highly accurate data than the traditional methods. This decreases field time and also leaves no room for any errors in the process.
  • Our measured surveys employ the use of non-invasive methods that are highly beneficial for surveying delicate heritage structures or archaeological objects.
  • A 3D laser scanning survey is a swift and simple process, depicting the exact condition of a specified building.
  • The laser scanning technology provides unmatchable complexity of 3D information of all measured objects and features.

Why Choose Our Measured Surveys?

Our measured building surveys uses the latest laser scanning technology for highly accurate results. The technology features a variety of survey equipment which are carefully chosen based on the nature and complexity of the building. We use non-invasive tools for surveying luxurious interiors as well as heritage structures or archaeological sites. Rely on Leeds Measured Survey for fast, efficient and cost-effective services that can last between 2 – 3 hours depending on the size and complexity of the site.

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