Ultimate Guide to Topographic Survey

What is a Topographical Survey?

A topographical survey is used to map a site’s boundaries and the man-made and natural features. A topographic survey is the first step in the process of development of a construction site; therefore it has to clearly capture the area for property owners and constructors to explicitly see what is on the site.

The topographical survey is essential for planning processes such as drainage works, new buildings, and repositioning of boundaries. Distinguish all features such as property, land, and details of physical boundary in a given site. The elements that form part of a topographical survey majorly include area boundary lines, buildings and structures, water channels, drainage features, contours and surfaces, ground heights, water levels etc. So, you understand the purpose and importance of conducting a topographical survey; what is the process?

What is the process of a topographical survey?

We utilise the latest laser scanning technology comprising of GPS, total stations, 3D laser scanners or drone survey to conduct topographical surveys on your construction site. Our surveyors will arrive at the site and scan your project depending on your specifications, such as the geographical area to be included, the level of detail needed, and accuracy of data and the deliverable format. Once the survey is completed, we gather the data to process and undertake quality control. We then register the point cloud and use CAD or BIM software to provide you with accurate 2D drawings or 3D Models as specified.

What you receive from a Topographical Survey

Our surveys produce detailed deliverables presented to you as either scaled point cloud data, 2D AutoCAD drawings or 3D Revit Models. With the use of latest 3D laser scanning technology and advanced software, our laser scanning company will produce clear and reliable topo drawings containing all the information according to your specifications and requirements.

Benefits of Conducting Topographical Survey

How will a topographical survey from a 3D laser scanning company like Leeds Measured Survey help you?

  • Receive the ability to see a detailed and accurate picture of your building or piece of land to help you make decisions about a new building, reposition new boundaries, and design drainage schemes on your site.
  • The risks of costly errors are greatly reduced. When you conduct a topographical survey on-site, you have the confidence to proceed with a planned development due to accurate data. The survey is in-depth and can reveal any information that may not be obvious, such as the land changes that might have occurred over time.
  • Topographic surveys enable your understanding of the land’s topography; therefore, you already know its potential impact on the planned construction project. It will thus inform the design work to ensure the construction is not affected.
  • You reduce any potential costs when objects that could later delay the construction works are identified earlier through as-built 2D drawings. Obtain topo drawings that indicate all-natural features and manmade features with levels.

Why use our Topographical Survey?

Leeds Measured Surveys is here to provide flexible, accurate and reliable topographical survey services across Leeds for your project. Contact us and get a free quote for your surveys now!


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