Leeds Reliable 3D Point Cloud Data

3D Point Cloud

Our 3D Point Cloud service allows you to create a valuable base of your building project. Generate your as-built 2D CAD Drawings and 3D BIM Models with our trusted measured survey!

Complete your project

High-level Detail

Our FARO Scanner captures everything visible within 70 metres and high accuracy. We obtain actual conditions of the building into a single point cloud file.

Perfect Base

Our infallible point cloud is the perfect base for highly accurate as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Modelling for any project.

Full Support

Our Leeds surveyors are always available to help you with your Laser Scanning requirements, ensuring your service is as pleasant as possible.

Complete Solution

Gain easy access to your point cloud and analyse its structural features through our reliable measured building surveys.

Scan to Point Cloud in Leeds

Our 3D point cloud service delivers the full support in producing completely precise as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Models in your chosen format (FLS, E57, LAS, PTS, PTX, RCP, RCS, etc.) Detect the level of detail required and option of greyscale and colour to receive your desired point cloud file.

Successful Point cloud Data registration

Our Laser Scanner captures millions of point cloud containing information of its scanning position – X, Y, Z. Single point clouds are linked together during a process called registration, managing all scans in its correct position and one coordinate system. Obtain the 3D point cloud and own reliable data of your building project.


Receive exceptional point cloud

Our experts deliver the exquisite 3D Laser Scanning services you need and require to complete your building project in Leeds. Communicate with us today and own accurate point cloud of your project.