Detailed 3D BIM Models in Leeds

3D BIM Revit Models

Leeds Measured Survey offers 3D BIM Model services for your architecture, construction or archaeological project today. Our 3D Models are of extremely high-quality, ensuring easier collaboration and optimised performance within your project.

3D BIM Revit Model of plant room

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Beneficial Access

Access to data is easy for the operation and management of the building. Our 3D Models can control costs, provide virtual reality experiences and photorealistic renderings.

Coordinate Efficiently

Our 3D Models will allow you to coordinate on the design, planning and construction of a building. Allow a professional to collaborate quickly and efficiently.

Realistic Product

Obtain photorealistic renderings and animations through 3D modelling. Our BIM models are captured correctly through high-quality laser scanning technology.

Complex Data

BIM Models is the perfect tool to deliver complex 3D survey data through measured building surveys.

3D BIM Models to Optimise Performance

Our Scan-to-BIM services provide accurate and detailed digital representations of the physical building or site of your choice. Point Cloud is imported into Revit software to produce accurate BIM-ready 3D Revit Models in the required level of detail by the client.

How Beneficial is 3D BIM Models?

Create a straightforward process that allows architecture, construction and engineering professional to collaborate and optimise the planning, development and design of a building, through a singular 3D Model. Leeds Measured Survey team allows you to have a virtual tour of your building, without the need to visit the site personally.


Complex 3D Survey Data

Our 3D Laser Scanning company is here to provide you with the highest quality laser scanning services from as-built 2D Drawings, point cloud and 3D BIM Models. Contact us now for photorealistic data easy to access.