As-built 2D Drawings for your Leeds building project

As-built 2D Drawings

Receive as-built scaled 2D Drawings in the most efficient way possible through our Measure building and 3D Laser scanning services today! We use AutoCAD software to create your efficient plans.

Complete your project

Skills & Expertise

Our technicians follow the point cloud in AutoCAD software and with its various tools, we produce accurate 2D Drawings with the required level of detail.

Various Formats

Obtain floor plans, elevations and cross-sections by Leeds leading 3D Laser Scanning and measured building survey company.

Better Solutions

As-built 2D Drawings are more beneficial than blueprints, relying on 3D Laser scanning technology to capture accurate data all the time.

Saving Cost

Enquiring about our services will save you cost and time when producing reliable plans for your building project in Leeds.

As-built 2D Drawings on the go

We are proud to deliver high-quality 2D AutoCAD Drawings, securing an exceptional service efficiently and swiftly when completing your site or building project. Our team of professionals work hard to keep you satisfied, that is why we are one of the best in Leeds!

The Extra Mile We Offer

Your as-built 2D Drawings can be requested in any format you require and desire. Determine the necessary level of detail, and receive full detailed drawings in the form of floor plans, elevations or cross-sections. We will create full structural and construction features in one document as precisely as possible!


Receive Accurate Planning

Booking is made simple through our online form. Contact us today to receive flawless as-built 2D Drawings and get your project on-the-go to success as soon as possible!