The Benefits of Underground Surveys

The Benefits of Underground Surveys

The ultimate aim of any contractor is to deliver a construction project on time and within budget. The journey for a construction project becomes smoother and more cost-efficient if surprises and challenging issues are avoided at design stage. How to avoid the risk of error and prevent grave mistakes being made?

Leeds measured survey team is here to tell you more about the benefits of conducting an underground survey. In order to make sure that your future project will be delivered in time and by high standard, within budget, we highly recommend completing an underground survey.

Here are the main three benefits that you might gain from this survey service:

Increased quality of planning and design

Underground surveying will ensure full knowledge of all existing utilities; which implies that you will be aware of all details and will need to design and plan everything correctly from the onset. Whole picture that you will receive from a survey will allow you to have optimal connection points for new supplies based on existing utilities. In addition, any potential design issues based on the existing utilities will be mitigated. On a recent electrical connection project, for instance, a gas main was present on site and the new electrical cable had to keep a certain distance from it.

Increased health and safety

Underground utility survey can ensure the safety on site during construction works as the risk is reduced according to knowledge provided by utility survey; ability to prevent incidents from service strikes. Allow workers to have the correct and full protection before and during the excavation works, to follow accordingly the health and safety regulations. Leeds measured survey is insured and provides complete insurance to every project.

Budget improvement

With the help of an underground survey, you will have better visibility of existing underground obstructions, which means that you will be able to prevent unexpected situations that would cause down labour timing. This will also prevent additional costs associated with project delays. Minimise the risk of costly adjustments to the design and build of your site in the long term.

Keeping in the unknown of where your subsurface utility infrastructures are: pipes, cables, sewers, ducts, drainage etc. is never a good idea. One simple misconstruction, and you risk paying a high price!

How can we help you?

In conclusion, it is worthwhile to invest in a reliable and efficient underground surveying service. Leeds Measured Survey provides accurate 3D laser scanning services across Leeds and the UK. Receive detailed reports of our surveying services in any level of detail required and format. Our expert technicians produce as-built 2D drawings and 3D models. Contact us today and receive a quote!


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    Author: Sonia
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