29 Jun
o	Topographical Surveying
Ultimate Guide to Topographic Survey
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Leeds Measured Survey presents the benefits and ultimate guide for conducting topographical surveys. Read our post!
30 May
The Benefits of Underground Surveys
Category: Benefits of Underground Surveys, Ser...
The ultimate aim of any contractor is to deliver a construction project on time and within budget.
28 Mar
3D Point Cloud
All You Need To Know About 3D Point Cloud
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, Services, Technol...
Today, massive land areas, tall buildings, complex infrastructure, historical sites, crime, and crash scenes, can now be effortlessly mapped through the use of 3D laser scanning a...
26 Oct
What is Measured Building Survey and How it Can Benefit your Project?
Category: 3D BIM Models, As-built 2D drawings,...
A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building; showing all the architectural features and skeletal segments of the building like the walls, beams, and colu...
21 Jun
How 3D Printing is Making its Way to Construction
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, Construction
The concept of 3D printing has been admired and now used for many uses such as mass producing, healthcare and more.
15 Jun
Surveyors planning
Why is Preconstruction Highly Significant to a Successful Building Project?
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, BIM software, Poi...
Despite the collaborative efforts by the key players who are involve in the construction industry, most project teams still remain fragmented.
06 May
Measured Surveyors on laser scanning equipment
3D Laser Scanning: A Closer Look at This Revolutionary Market
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3D laser scanning has definitely come a long way since it was first introduced to the market.
01 Feb
Why Should You Trust 3D Laser Scanning company for Your As-Built 2D Drawings?
A construction project is essentially like putting difficult pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together: it’s complicated, time consuming and very risky.