Building Survey
and 3D Laser Scanning


    • Measured Building Survey Receive scan to CAD and 3D BIM Models
    • Point Cloud Scanning project to export your Point Cloud
    • 2D Planning and CAD Receive accurate floor plans, elevations and cross-sections
    • 3D BIM Model Exporting accurate 3D BIM Models with Revit Software


      ABOUT US

      Accurate 3D Laser Scanning Services and Measured Building Survey.

      Our 3D Laser Scanning company guarantees the best measured building survey cost and quality when delivering your 3D Point Cloud data, 2D AutoCAD Drawings and 3D Revit Models. We are the leading measured building survey company in Leeds, with a highly experienced team of surveyors and technicians.

      Measured Building Survey
      What Do You Get?

      Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in the 3D Laser Scanning field so that you will receive the highest quality in 2D Drawings and 3D Models for your architectural or construction project. We will guarantee exceptional results no matter the restrictions or limitations.

      How Do We Do It?

      Leeds Measured survey is flexible and always present to help you with the completion of your project. Our booking service is made simple as we receive your enquiry through call or email, and send you a quote as soon as the next day with your required services.

      What Available Formats?

      Our 3D Laser Scanning equipment is trusted and well-known within the surveying industry. That is why we can provide deliverable with the required level of detail for any building sites in Leeds. We use AutoCAD software for your scan to CAD and Revit software for 3D Models.

      Who Do We Serve?

      Our Measured Building survey service can be used for planning, refurbishment, redeveloping, documenting and extending properties. We serve for architects, construction and facility manages, archaeologists, engineers and many more to complete your project swiftly.


      Leeds 3D Laser Scanning Service

      How can 3D Laser Scanning help you? Our range of services will serve your purpose.

      Why Leeds Measured Survey?

      We Are Specialists in Measured Building Surveys and 3D Laser Scanning.

      Our Leeds expert team are well-equipped and skilled within 3D Laser Scanning and Measured surveys. We ensure a hassle-free and straightforward service, delivering flawless as-built plans and 3D Models every time.

      From requesting the level of detail, greyscale or colour, or coordinate system of arbitrary/OS, our 3D Laser Scanning equipment and expertise ensures your deliverables are of the highest accuracy and reliability to use.

      Leeds Measured survey assures you’ll receive the best price in 3D Laser Scanning and Measured Building Surveys. Our range of services will allow you to save money on time and costs, as well as providing proficient results.

      We are passionate about what we do, that is why we work with your specification and schedule to deliver the results you need. Our Leeds measured building survey team works weekdays and weekends to complete your job.

      Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

      Paul Bradly
      Paul Bradly
      These guys are very good at anticipating our requirements, and produce information promptly. Professional surveyors which are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended
      Jade West
      Jade West
      Very professional surveyors who provided us with excellent drawings after completing a drone survey for our farm project. Highly recommended!
      Jane Wimble
      Jane Wimble
      Many thanks to Leeds Measured Survey for the marvelous work they have completed at our new brand coffee shop. We received our drawings in a very good quality.
      Isabella Wilson
      Isabella Wilson
      Always a pleasure to work with you guys! Many thanks for recently completing the measured survey at my new house! You are the best! Highly recommended!
      Jacob Davies
      Jacob Davies
      I had to do a topographical survey for my property. Absolutely no hassle during the visit of Leeds measured survey team. They delivered my survey very quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed by their attitude.

      Want Accurate Results?

      Contact us now for a hassle-free and reliable service in Leeds. We are sure to leave you delighted with our high-quality deliverables.

      Cases and Studies

      Take a look at some of our client reviews and our previous projects if you’re still unsure what to do next!


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